About Apocalypse Words

Within the last couple of years, I've been able to ramp up my game time. I love to GM, but I've always found that no matter how much I'm able to prep for a game, there's something I forgot or that I can't find when I need it.

I believe that pacing is an esstential part of good game mastering. And there is nothing more irritating to me than having to step out of an intense scene because my imagination or organization has failed me. What I've always wanted was an assistant sitting next to me whispering suggested names for NPCs, unique sensory imagery, or telling me what's in the bag the monsters dropped.

I've programmed stuff for years, almost exclusively game related stuff for my own use. After I started running Apocalypse World, I realized that my improvisational style worked only as long as my imagination held out. I needed that assistant badly. I knew who to do it, but was stuck on a platform. I've made small Android utilities. I love my iPad, but I'm noting buying a Mac to program it. Instead, I realized I could do almost everything I could imagine with HTML, CSS and Javascript. And brushing up on those skills wouldn't hurt my resume, either. So, here it is.

What you have here is a work in progress. I fully intend to support the games that I have and want to run or play. I'm willing to add other games, but you'll need to provide me a copy of the rules or setting. I hope you'll find what's here to be useful!