Development Notes
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May 11, 2013

Thanks to r dautzenberg for the source of new Dutch names and to Antonio for some more Spanish names. Some tweaks to the random dungeon generator to allow tablet users better access. Construction of a cavern generator now underway.

May 8, 2013

The Random Dungeon now includes the ability to rotate or replace the center tiles. Next step will be more variety in the tiles and the ability to repace an outer tile.

May 6, 2013

A bit of a break in posting here, and in overall development of the site. Still, somethings are going on behind the scenes that are not yet ready for publication. And other things have been added. Today's addition is the random dungeon creator, which uses a variety of geomorphic tiles. I'll be adding new tiles along and along, and I'm already thinking of some variations on this theme.

April 24, 2013

I reworked some of the navigation, trying to keep an organized look. Rearranged the Names page to use the space better for that part of the site. I'm trying to make sure the site is as useful via mobile as on the desktop.

The Dungeon World Page has seen lots of development work in the last two days. GM Guidance, Moves, NPCs, Campaign Fronts, and Events are now working. Steadings is underway. The Moves just includes GM, general, special, and first session moves, and no specific details about them. Player moves are not included at this time.

Everything on the Apocalypse World page does something now except for Creatures. And I'll be adding a Campaign Front function shortly, as well as events, sounds, strange diseases and physical conditions. Events, diseases, conditions and insanities are planned for the Call of Cthulhu page.

Links added to Apocalypse and Dungeon World related sites. I've got more to add myself, but please let me know if you have or know of a site that should be included. Thanks go out to Patrick Henry Downs for some suggestions for the Apocalypse World page.

Later that same day...

Worked on the Dungeon World page. Began working on Room Descriptions, specifically for the Dungeon. These are almost completely random, so they won't always make sense. I've left out any mention of doors or other portals. Added Orcish names, a procedurally generated "Desert Culture", and the Chaos names on this page are now Finnish given names with nicknames. No offense to the Finns. Added Desert World appropriate die rolls for those without dice at hand. No fancy graphics for it yet.

I've been tweaking the size of buttons and the size of the results screen. I'm aiming to have a page that fits well on most larger mobile devices, especially tablets. Tweaking the CSS is a tricky process, and I'm not really doing any cross brower or device checking at the moment. If you see something that looks egregiously wrong, please let me know.

April 22st, 2013

Added Pakistani, Afghani, Iraqi and Phillipino names. Reduced the number of Indian surnames to the top 100 in order to reduce the size of the script. There are now forty language/culture choices for names, with an approximate 24.4 million possibilites.

April 21st, 2013

Added Norwegian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish to the names page. Also added significantly Russian given and surnames. Added a Stats function so you can see how many possible random combinations are possible. That's based on the number of surnames multipled by the number of male names plus the surnames multiplied by the female names. All of these names come from various lists on the internet, and quite often official government census information. The easier it is to extract just the names, the more names I have. In some cases, I've had little luck coming up with names in an easy to extract format. You can thank the Indian government for the fact that there are more than nine million combinations in this code. Adding names is simple, so if you have a source for a names of a particular language, please leave a comment below.

The Dungeon World page exists now, although only the Sound and Weather functionality is available.

I've taken down the message board and replaced it with a comment system.

April 20th, 2013

Finished Creatures and Sounds for the Cthulhu page. Also added Ancient Roman, Ancient Egyptian, Latin and Iranian on the Names page.

April 19th, 2013

Check out the Call of Cthulhu page. I've added functionality to the Occult Books generator. It still needs some work... not all of the languages have names yet, so you'll see some John/Jane Does. If there is other functionality that you can think of that would be useful when running/preparing a game in this genre, please let me know!

Later that same day....

The message board is up and running.

April 18th, 2013

There's still a lot to accomplish on the roadmap for In no particular order:

  1. Dungeon World utilities. I have a game to run next week, so I need to hurry! These will be fairly system-agnostic, so you apostates that still pander to WotC (I jest) should find something useful.
  2. Warhammer FRP utilities. Many of these already exist from previous personal projects, so adding them will be fairly simple.
  3. Mondern Fantasy games are meant to include things like Monsterhearts and Monster of the Week, Dresden Files, and World of Darkness. Again, some of this code already exists in other forms.
  4. Eclipse Phase. My favorite game in the world that I've never run. I hate that. It's so very cool and building utilities for it should be excellent prep. I intend them to be specific to the EP world, but some of it would be useful for Transhuman Space or Nova Praxis.
  5. Fading Suns has always been a favorite of mine. I built the Fading Suns MUSH back in 1999, and still have some of the code from that.
  6. I've played in a CoC campaign for a couple of years now, and run the game myself several times. This section will be more generic and less system specific, and should be useful for any horror RPG campaign.
  7. The Names section already has an enormous amount of languages and names, but there are plenty to add.
  8. Message boards. For feedback, support, questions and more. I have a vBulletin license I'm not currently using, but I may try something else. Especially if I can add code to facilite PbM RPGs.
  9. Other systems... I can think of several I'd like to add. Legend of the Five Rings. Traveller.
  10. Bug Fixes
  11. Spelling Errors